This App Will Walk You Through a More Sustainable Life, It Takes One Quiz To Start

This App Will Walk You Through a More Sustainable Life, It Takes One Quiz To Start

If you’re reading this, you’ve already made the courageous step into awareness. You may have heard that the key to serenity is tied to how quickly you’re able to cycle through awareness, acceptance and, finally, action. When it comes to calculating your own ethical or sustainable footprint in the world, it can be understandably overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.The PerSus app seeks to simplify the impacts of globalization by giving you small actions with ripple effects that may just save our planet.

The PerSus app will go beyond making you aware of your sustainability score. It’ll help you spring into action. All you have to do to get your PerSus sustainability score is  answer a small questionnaire. From there, PerSus will calculate your score and help you spring into action to improve it.

We know there are countless ways to reduce your global impactwhether that be avoiding products with toxic chemical run-off, reducing meat consumption or refusing to support companies that are linked with traumatic practices like fracking. Based on your questionnaire responses, the app will get an idea of your special interests and how you’re already actively participating in achieving environmental and human justice. 

PerSus will then be able to give you clear and direct actions you can take to improve your score and impact on the planet. At PerSus, progress not perfection is key to sustaining your momentum to affect change. That’s why you’ll get to focus your actions on only the causes you’re interested in until you’re ready for the next challenge. At any point you can measure your score again and see it improve. 

The app also has a rating, review and explore system that will help surface local businesses that make for better alternatives. As it turns out, cleaning up the planet almost always starts in your own neighborhoods, one person at a time.

The founders know that if we all remain too overwhelmed to even begin, nothing can change. The app also encourages you to share your score with friends and family to prove that they can make enough small changes that leave a big impact.

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