This Social Good App Wants To Make It Simple (And Fun) To Impact The World Everyday

This Social Good App Wants To Make It Simple (And Fun) To Impact The World Everyday

2020 has been a crazy year, am I right? But if there’s one thing to be happy about is that more people now than ever before are actively looking for ways they can make a positive impact in the world every single day. Whether it be by recycling, supporting local restaurants, buying from BIPOC owned companies, donating time and money, and more. 

But all of it can be intimidating. I mean, where do you begin?! How do you even pick a cause to start with when there are so many?! Well, there’s an app actively working on solving all of these problems. 

There are small, simple, inexpensive things we can do every day to make an impact on causes you care about. But knowing what those things are and staying inspired is the hard part. That’s where the Persus App comes in. 

A team with a mission to help human beings achieve their goals of making a positive impact in the world has created an app that learns the causes you care about the most and gives you small challenges every day that are easy to complete and have a positive impact on the world. Oh, and the best part? It rewards you for doing good! Genius, right? Here’s how it’ll work:

1. The app will show you something similar to a menu that will allow you to pick up to 5 causes you’re the most passionate about. It could be global warming, supporting local businesses, ending poverty, diversity, etc. You can edit these at any time in case you want to put your attention in a different cause the next month. 

2. Share your location and answer a few questions so the app can learn more about you and give you challenges you’ll actually be able to do. 

3. Every day, the app will give you 3 small challenges you can complete. The challenges will vary in time and physical involvement. So on busy days it might be as simple as clicking a button. On days when you have more time, you can tackle some of the more time consuming tasks. They update constantly so you’re never bored or uninspired. 

4. The app will keep track of the challenges you’ve accomplished and give you a score every week to measure your involvement in the causes you care about. Not only will this score give you bragging rights, it will also give you rewards! 

5. The Persus app will offer you rewards such as discounts at stores you love, free entries to amazing giveaways and more–all of this just because you’re doing small things to help make the world a better place. 

The app is set to launch in a few months so keep an eye out for that!

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