Answer A Few Questions And This App Will Show You Your Sustainability Score

Answer A Few Questions And This App Will Show You Your Sustainability Score

If you clicked this article chances are you’re aware or want to be aware of your ethical or sustainable footprint in the world. It also probably means that you’re open to making positive changes in your life. But we get it, knowing where to start can be intimidating and confusing. There are so many causes and things to do that it can easily become overwhelming. The Persus app seeks to fix that.

This new app makes it easy and quick to measure your sustainability score by answering questions about your everyday life. It also gives you easy and practical ways on how to improve on it. Here’s how it works: 

The Persus app will run you through a quick questionnaire that will help measure your sustainability score and give the app an idea of your interests and active participation and involvement in actions that help improve the planet. 

Persus will then be able to give you clear and informative ways you can help improve your score and at the same time have a positive impact on the planet. You’ll see a number of ways to get involved depending on the cause you seek to improve on so it never gets boring. At any point you can measure your score again and see it get better before your eyes. 

The app also has a rating, review and explore system for businesses which allows the app to surface places near you that you can support and that will have a positive impact on your purchasing habits. 

The app encourages you to share your score outside the platform with friends and family so you can show off your progress and inspire them to make a change as well. 

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